Cakes / Desserts

Cakes / Desserts

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can be the centerpiece of the reception, often serving as a focal point of the room before the couple makes their grand entrance.. It should reflect both the tone and theme of the reception, while also serving as the dessert of your menu.

Naked Cake

Take a traditional cake, omit frosting the sides and you’ve gone naked! You can add fruit or flowers to make a statement.

Sweet Bar

“Dessert Bars” consisting of items such as candy, donuts, cookies, mini pies, tarts, and more are a fun way to not only express your personal style but is also a great way to appeal to your guests’ sweet side.

Something Cold, Something New

Gelato and Sorbet are frequently served in addition to cake, and why not? Today’s couple is adventuresome and looking for something new and special that speaks to their own individuality.