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Say “Yes” to the Dress

There is much to consider before you say “yes” to buying your wedding gown (or perhaps gowns) given today’s outfit change trend. First and foremost, we recommend that you shop at a reputable establishment that has a history of providing quality customer service and product. Most bridal salons prefer you make an appointment to ensure they have a sales consultant ready to provide you with excellent service. Be upfront about the date of your event and the budget you have for your attire. There’s no need to fall in love with something you can’t have!
It’s important to trust the consultant you are working with and be open to trying on gowns they suggest for you to try on. A good consultant will make suggestions within your price range based upon your body shape and height as well as taking into consideration your venue type and the time of day of your event. Bring a supportive yet small cast of close friends and family with you. Cheers to looking your best!

Attendants Gowns

Once you’ve chose your gown and headpiece, take one or more of your attendants with you when you shop for their gowns which should complement the style of your gown. They can be floor length, or any length shorter than the bride’s gown, but never longer. All attendants gowns must be ordered at the same time as they must be made from the same dye-lot. Typically you can expect 3 to 4 months for your bridesmaids’ orders to be delivered

Mothers Attire

On the occasion of her child’s wedding, every mother wants to look beautiful and elegant. After the bridal and attendants gowns are chosen, the bride should discuss her preferences of lengths, colors and styles with both mothers. A few rules apply: Mothers’ dress should never be longer than the bride’s or attendant’s gowns. They should not be more formal or lavishly decorated than the bride’s gown. Typically, the bride’s mother chooses her gown first, then lets the groom’s mother know the color so she will not choose the same shade.

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