Sparkler wedding send off

Wedding Send Offs

Gone are the days of throwing rice (most venues don’t allow rice anymore anyway) which means you can really customize your wedding send off to your taste, style and wedding theme! Sparklers, lanterns, ribbons, confetti, bells, lavender, flower petals … the list goes on and on. It is something simple to coordinate and there are a lot of really cute ideas that won’t break the bank.

Sparklers have been popular for outdoor locations. Before you do anything, check with your venue to make sure they allow a wedding sparkler send off. Some places do not allow sparklers because of insurance, safety, or hazards. There have been some horror stories of burned gowns and hands so take precautions. 18” to 36” sparklers will work best to keep the flame away from guests. You’ll also want to provide a galvanized pail partially filled with sand for guests to fully and safely extinguish the flame.

Going out with a bang! Confetti cannons contain a small cylinder of nitrogen which allows individuals to launch and spray confetti into the air. They can be custom filled with a variety of confetti including streamers, metallic and shaped confetti. You can also purchase confetti that is biodegradable and water soluble.

Ribbon wands are a fun and colorful way to exit your reception and there is nothing to clean up. Ribbons come in many different colors and widths and can be customize with your names and wedding date printed on the ribbons.

Your send-off is the grand finale of your wedding day and you want to go out with a memorable bang!  Display your send off items in a specific area with signage to let your guests know what time you are planning your grand exit!


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